Amar Gamal’s bellydance style is an Egyptian fusion that includes flavors of Latin, Jazz, Modern and Ballet, while still preserving the traditional and classical Egyptian feel. Her technique is highly focused on strong posture, clean lines, and whole body awareness, which allows her to showcase this seamless fusion.

Amar believes dance is a combination of expression, movement, feeling and technique. She keeps her classes and workshops high energy, which allows students to focus on having fun and enjoy the moment, while still being disciplined. Amar encourages her students to have a good sense of humor about themselves; “It’s all in your attitude if you are enjoying the process of dancing then it doesn’t matter whether you have achieved the steps or not, because you are experiencing ‘true bliss’ by just enjoying the moment.” Amar is an approachable teacher who creates a supportive and comfortable atmosphere where students can grow into artists.

Amar helps her students find their individual style through the pairing of strong technique and flourishes (creating flavor) which in turn, creates each dancer’s signature style. The AG Bellydance Method is a technique focused method that allows dancers to express and showcase the art of belly dance to its fullest.

Aspects of The AG Bellydance Method are:

  • Body alignment and posture
  • Body awareness
  • Muscle and skeletal control
  • Clean fluid transitions
  • Musicality and rhythm knowledge
  • Execution of and commitment to the movement
  • The use of props
  • An understanding of the origins of the dance